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Client Testimonials

New GPZ 7000 and SDC 2300 Customers


Had several GPZ 7000 & SDC 2300 customers out for some training here in Somalia. All of them were excited to use their new detectors and get a full day of training from Nairobi Metal Detector’s Sales. A few gold nuggets were even found to make the day even better!

Two Happy GPX Customers


We purchased Minelab GPX metal detectors from us and spent the entire day detecting and training. Both guys found a small nugget to boot during the instruction phase. Thanks for your business!

Darryl M.


Darryl M., purchased his Minelab GPX-4500 from Nairobi Metal Detectors. During the field instructions Darryl found a nice gold nugget with the GPX. Darryl plans to make several trips back to Tanzania to find more of those elusive gold nuggets.

Pat K.

South Africa

Local Arizona Nugget Hunter, Pat K., purchased a Minelab GPX-4500 from Nairobi Metal Detectors. During the first hunt Pat scored a nice 1/2 Dwt gold nugget out of an old nugget patch. He was pretty happy knowing he had hundreds of patches to return back to.

Customer from Ethiopia


This customer from Ethiopia purchased a Minelab FISHER GOLD BUG metal detector. No gold nuggets were found this day, but this customer was very persistent and it will only be a matter of time until the first one pops up!