The Future in Metal Detection Industry

Pin Pointers


Proportional audio/vibration response

For greater accuracy the Minelab PRO-FIND 25 indicates the depth of buried targets with a proportional vibration and audio response. As the pin pointer probe gets closer to the target, the intensity of vibration and audio increases.

Adjustable sensitivity on Minelab Pro Find 25.

Narrow down the exact location of targets with the PRO-FIND 25′s adjustable sensitivity. This can be increased to locate deep targets or decreased to precisely locate small targets.

Minelab Pro find two mode operation

Select from two modes – Audio & Vibrate or Vibrate Only for silent searching.

Durable water resistant construction

Submersible probe end. The whole Minelab Pro Find 25 pin pointer can be washed under running water.

Probe side sensitivity

Probe side detection area (360°) allows targets to easily be located in the walls of the hole.

Auto power off

To save battery life, the PRO-FIND 25 switches off after eight minutes of inactivity.