The Future in Metal Detection Industry

GPX 5000

GPX5000 sets a new standard in gold detection technology. With its impressive range of features and functions superior to its predecessor, the detector stands out.  The multi-polar sensor technology available within the device allows the detection of gold in various sizes from very small pieces to large sizes of gold and with high accuracy. This version has been developed and modified to provide more features to reach deeper depths during the search process.

The device has unique features and functions of an international patent, in addition to the control panel of the device is characterized by flexibility and operation during use, and the device can be used on all types of terrain and the device includes eight different modes of search in addition to the five modes available in the previous device GPX4500 The new device contains the following modes: Detection of effects, detection of pure gold and detection of gold alloys and alloys. The device is also equipped with more advanced features to search for gold found in deeper depths.


1. MPS, DVT & SETA: The device is equipped with these techniques that allow the device to produce a clear voice in the event of a target of gold, whatever size is small.
2. Eight modes of search: The current device has three additional modes over the previous device is the detection of effects and pure gold and gold mixtures in a way that allows the use of the device in many ways.
3. Gold detection mode: This situation allows the discovery of raw gold with deep depths and high sensitivity.
4. Status Gold detection in salt areas: This mode allows the detection of gold in areas with relatively saline soils as the shores of the seas and oceans and other places.
5. Detection mode: This position has been improved to make the device more sensitive to detect the effects and ancient artifacts and more easily. This position provides the device the possibility of detection of depths greater up to 3 meters
6.High sensitivity of the device: The sensitivity of the device has been enhanced to determine more accurately the targets detected in the ground.
7. Automatic soil calibration: The device is set to automatically calibrate the soil, regardless of the type of soil or layers within the ground.
8. Audio adjustment: New options for adjusting the volume or type of sound are available under the device for personal use. This feature is developed if you want to remove the metal detector during the detection.
9.Backlit screen: Allows you to see the screen of the device at night or at any time during the day with automatic adjustment of lighting in different daylight hours to save battery consumption.
10. Lightweight battery: Lithium-type for long working hours.
11. Two types of discs: Provided for multiple 11-inch DOUBLE-D options and the 11-inch MOMOLOP for all possible search options.