The Future in Metal Detection Industry

GPX 4500

Stronger and more versatile in use than ever, the GPX 4500 is the result of delivering the latest technology to detect gold at levels beyond other manufacturers. The SETA system and Minelab’s multi-polar detection technology makes using this device a real experience with high benefits and guaranteed.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional. The GPX4500 is pre-programmed to ensure the best results from automatic calibration and precise target type selection. This machine makes it one of the best gold detectors in the world.

This device has improved properties of metal differentiation with the removal of metal detection during the search process, as well as the effectiveness of the detection of targets, no matter how small, and the excellent results of the device proved the effectiveness of the technology developed on which it was built.


1. SETA, DVT & MPS technology : the most advanced technology for detecting metals and gold underground whatever size is small to a depth of up to 1.5 meters The search conditions: The device was modified by adding more different conditions to suit the various possibilities during the search process and gives greater sensitivity To detect targets whether small or large and with high accuracy.
2. Six ways to search: Six different types of search methods are available within the device to suit all possibilities for use, and you can modify these methods to suit your search method.
3. Automatic Soil Calibration: The device has the advantage of automatic soil calibration to ensure great efficiency during the search process and all types of soils, rocky, sand, salty or clay.
4. Backlighting: The screen has a backlight to read the screen information at night or in dark places easily Complete. With the ability to adjust the brightness to keep battery power  as long as possible
5. Volume control: The device provides multiple options to control and adjust the volume in accordance with the nature of your research and the device is equipped with filters of sound from external influences to provide accurate results when the sound Objective to
improve the distinction:The properties of the device have been improved so that they can distinguish metals more accurately and to separate targets from other objects that may be overlapping with them to provide accurate results.
6. Amplifiers: The built-in speakers allow the user to hear the target signals more easily because of the use of high quality materials that provide clear and clear sound and do not cause noise or external factors.
7. Batteries: Light-weight lithium and long working hours