The Future in Metal Detection Industry

Fisher Gold Bug 2

This machine is perfect for searching for gold flakes or nuggets, though for deeper targets you may want to pair it with another detector or run multiple sweeps. The iron discrimination setting on the Gold Bug 2 is difficult to beat. You can even adjust some of the settings with this setting on or off to adjust the signals. The audio settings can go low, medium, or high. High sensitivity increases the pitch as the size increases, though the volume settings can easily offset that.

Even with its high frequency settings, the Fisher Gold Bug 2 retains much of its sensitivity in rougher landscapes. Furthermore, its compact size and removable control box make this device much more adaptable and capable in a variety of situations, without much strain on the arms. The Gold Bug 2 is highly specialized for gold detection, and to this day, it remains one of the strongest small gold detectors on the market.